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Seamed Kit Commando Armor Inspired by Star Wars: Republic Commando
Seamed Kit Commando Armor Inspired by Star Wars: Republic Commando

Seamed Kit Commando Armor Inspired by Star Wars: Republic Commando

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So you're crafty? This is probably the kit you want. You can avoid all of the hard labor, nasty chemicals, and dust with this kit and get right into painting and strap assembly. I will even size the more difficult parts for you, like thigh and greaves length.

Republic Commandos

This kit comes with the 11 most difficult parts already assembled and seamed. This includes the biceps, bracers (forearms), thighs, greaves (calves), and backpack (the most challenging part) with handles installed.

What is "seamed"? Many parts of this armor are made of two pieces that are combined into one with tabs glued inside. This results in a seam that must be filled with body filler, sanded, smoothed with glazing putty, and primed for paint. You can always add more glazing putty to get it perfectly smooth. I assume you will have a heavily weathered paint job, which hides slightly wavy surfaces, but if you want a clean RC, you might want to sand it a little further, especially on the greaves.

I believe this is the only RC kit offered in actual ABS plastic, which is superior to HIPS/styrene plastic. HIPS can be brittle, ABS is nearly impossible to crack. This is not breakable 3D printed armor, it is vacuum formed like proven traditional clone armor.

Some parts are designed to be rigid (all of the parts that will be seamed) while others are made to be flexible to better conform to your body.


27 armor pieces formed in ABS, seamed, and ready to paint:

upper back
2 shoulders/pauldrons seamed
2 biceps seamed
2 elbows
2 bracers seamed
2 hands 12
abdomen armor
lower back armor
butt plate
2 side waist plates
left thigh seamed
right thigh seamed 20
2 knees
2 greaves seamed
2 foot armor pieces
backpack seamed with holes cut for light panel and handles installed

flexible vacuum formed neckseal collar: I can make it attach with neodymium magnets and add a faux leather neckseal for extra

extra plastic sheet for assembly of waist armor, reinforcing, and repair

Optional: helmet cast in layered resin rotocast with stabilization layers

Your thighs should measure about 26 inches or less around your leg at groin level, otherwise, you might need to add extension flaps. No one is likely to fill the bicep armor properly so a muscle shirt is required along with padding at the back of the knee. I offer a basic undersuit package. Please contact me for more info.

I only offer this in black ABS currently. Armor comes with gray primer.

Shipment requires at least two boxes. For international shipments, please be aware that shipping might cost more than described based on your country's box size limits. Also, please be aware of import fees.