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Thank you for visiting Wicked Armor and taking an interest in my work. I have been creating costumes and making art most of my life, and I am grateful to everyone who has supported me on my journey. Thank you! -Robert Rodgers - Artist


About Me

My creative interests are varied, but costuming and replicas are a primary passion. I can rarely watch a film or play a videogame without finding new inspirations, and I want to make them exist in the real world. I have an absolute passion for solving technical, artistic problems, and there are always new technical challenges in sculpture and costuming.

I started making costumes as a teenager with help from mom, began selling my work around 2004 from my college apartment, and expanded to a home-based studio in 2006. I built a studio and shops in my backyard where I work today.

In school, I majored in Fine Art and then Physics, and I have a family with Melanie, Liam, Ella (our Pomeranian), Koopa (our giant tortoise), and lots of koi fish and other animals.

Hobbies: my work, anything creative, exploring nature, canoeing, writing, physics, programming, drawing, music, home improvement projects, videogames, reading


About the Workshop

Sculpture work and mold-making require a lot of space. I used to monopolize my college apartment living rooms, but I bought a house in 2006 with a horse barn that I could use for messy work and have expanded and improved my workspace a lot since then.

Shortly before my son was born, I built a new work area with AC and moved my work out of my house. I have always been interested in movie set and theme park design, so I took the opportunity to experiment with stucco and water feature construction in the backyard. Once I felt comfortable with the materials, I sculpted the exterior my entire house to look like a refurbished Mediterranean ruin.



I have had lots of great adventures related to my work. Here are a select few.

In order:

Brian Muir: Sculptor of Vader's helmet among many, many other things you would know. I met and had a wonderful conversation with him once.

Matt Wood: Voice of Grievous and sound designer at LucasFilm, etc. Great guy and brilliant at what he does. He actually did the Grievous voice on mic while I was in the costume once

Drew Karpyshyn: Head writer for Knights of the Old Republic among other things. He introduced himself when I was taking a costume break.

Sam Witwer: Actor from SW: The Force Unleashed and much more.

Melanie and I at Dragon*Con

Drawing a crowd at Star Wars Celebration

Roxy the Rancor at Celebration

Staring down a Krogan

Interviewed by