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Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions I've received over the years. If you cannot find your answers here, feel free to contact us.

We can be commissioned to make most of the items on this site. In many cases, the items offered are listed at the bottom of each character page. We do not keep much of an inventory, so most items are made to order. If you do not see what you want, feel free to contact us. Note: Rob is unlikely to take orders on something we have not made previously unless he is already considering it.
In most cases, yes! Most of the costumes have size restrictions. Usually the more armor, the more restrictions. If you think you are exceptionally small or big, you can always contact us first and we will ask for a few measurements just to give you an idea
Most items take 4 to 6 weeks to complete. More challenging or unusual items can take much longer depending on the complexity, supply chain, and work load. Feel free to ask for an estimated time.
Yes, I will sell just about any part of a costume, painted or unpainted.
Yes. Always. No two are ever quite the same. If you are concerned about these changes you are welcome to ask, but I usually think the changes are improvements. That's why I make them. You can also request certain changes specifically like color changes.
This varies quite a bit and depends on many factors. New designs tend to get pushed aside if I am getting orders from older designs. For this reason, it can be a long wait even for something fairly easy to build.
Yes, I ship worldwide. I love to see photos or videos of the costume in action in some other part of the world.
Most are. Beginner vacuum forming plastic like styrene can be brittle, especially with a little UV exposure. But I use ABS now because it can be cast thin and light and is nearly unbreakable. And because you can form it fairly thin, you capture more detail. If you bend styrene, it will break at some point. If you bend ABS really far, it might stay bent, but you can just bend it back into position. It is rigid yet flexible with the right design so it can flex to fit any body shape.
Very. Some parts are reinforced with fiberglass when necessary and most of my parts have stabilizing fillers that most makers do not use. If you do not have these fillers, your part can warp over time or in mild heat. You can usually drop/throw my resin parts on the floor without any damage. My helmets are designed with resin that has a little bounce to avoid breakage.
Yes please! All I ask is that you give me credit with the photos/videos and place it with a link to my website.
My current skills are the result of many years of failure and frustration. Most people would have given up, but I had a passion for it. Someday I might lose my urge to create costumes and replicas, and if that happens, I will likely switch to tutorials. I have a few "making of" videos, but they are not really tutorials. My go-to used to be but there are so many excellent video tutorials out there now that you can probably never see them all.
I do not have the capability to mass-produce costumes. I have a small art studio in my backyard, not a factory.
If armor is involved, making the initial costume is very expensive and extraordinarily time consuming. I can only afford to do this by making some copies available to others to at least break even on my investment of time and money.
My mom made my Halloween costumes right in front of me when I was young and entered me in costume contests, which I occasionally won. That got me interested in costuming very early. I made my first costume, Batman, on my own around age 14, but I only did prop/costume work very rarely until around 2004 when I received my first commission.
I joined as Darth Revan, SL-7338, but I never have time for it these days. For those who do not know, the 501st is an international group of Star Wars fans that dress up as their favorite Star Wars characters, from Imperial Storm Troopers to Sith Lords, to promote Star Wars in the community and help raise contributions for charities. Learn more about the 501st here.
My costumes have been approved in all three, and I try to fit their guidelines even when changes are made by the organizations. My Revan, Nihilus, Republic Commandos, Lord Starkiller, Malgus, and Mandalore have all been 501st accepted with or without some modifications. My Commandos are in the RL, and my Grievous is in TDE.
I do not make costumes that have been made so prolifically. These costumes already exist in the world, and there are very fine and detailed versions of these costumes already available. For these reasons, I do not feel the need. For me, this includes costumes like Boba, Jango, Biker Scouts, Royal Guards, Snow Troopers, Iron Man, or Master Chief.
My armor is not designed for safety. It is designed to look good. You could modify most costume pieces for paintball or airsoft, but I take no responsibility for injuries given or received while wearing my costume pieces.
Unless you are looking to win a Darwin award, do not use my armor for safety purposes of any kind. These are pieces of art you can wear, not safety equipment.