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Complete RC

Republic Commandos



When I have time, I will offer 6 completed RC's made to your measurements. Subscribe to the Commando Newsletter to be notified when I am taking orders for completed RC's. It will be first-come, first-served:


These are introductory prices for completed Republic Commando armor sets made to your measurements. The price might increase in the future.

These will be made to your measurements but may require a little extra trimming or padding to be comfortable. I am only offering these in the USA (48 contiguous states) until I am sure they are fitting right, but if you do not mind shipping parts back for possible adjustments, we can work something out. 

Made from ABS plastic. Helmet and some detail pieces are made of polyurethane plastic with stabilization fillers. It is held together with webbing, buckles, velcro, and rare earth magnets.


Grunt Black RC $1800

Lighted visor and lighted backpack included. I can do custom paint jobs and additional armor parts if interested.


Grunt White RC $1900

Lighted visor and lighted backpack included. These are the all “white” RC’s, but I plan to make them very light gray with light weathering, and I can do custom paint jobs if needed. (the back armor is not finished for backpack-less RC)


Delta Squad

These will have a very light gray base so they will look a little darker than my Celebration Deltas and have the special armor pieces that were missing on most of mine. My Celebration Deltas were not quite complete (no backpack handles (except for one) or lighted numbers, rushed paint jobs), but they held up well. Nothing broke despite running around and dancing. Fixer had his greaves on the wrong legs. Also, the knee caps were too heavy in rotocast resin and wouldn’t quite stay in place so those are vacuum formed now with a better strap system. Also, I solved the rotating bicep problem, and it will help keep the shoulders back too. The following prices do not include the undersuit, boots, or weapon:


Boss $2015
Pauldron(shoulder armor), lighted visor and lighted backpack included
Fixer $2305
Pauldron(shoulder armor), backpack details with lighting, comms link box on helmet, lighted visor, and lighted backpack included number
SEV $2,445
Pauldron(shoulder armor) lighted, lighted ammo box for leg, lighted visor and lighted backpack number included
Scorch $2,435
lighted ammo canisters for leg, backpack tubes with lighting, lighted visor, and lighted backpack number included

Omega Squad

The paint jobs are much easier so they cost less than Delta Squad

Fi $2100
Niner $1800
Darman $2200
Atin $2200


Gregor $2,300

I do not make animation-style armor so this has little-to-no chance of getting 501st approved, but you can try if you like. Includes checkered camo with lighted visor and backpack number



Undersuit $70
This helps bulk out your body to properly fill the armor, which is needed for arms and back of knees, otherwise it looks odd for most body types. Includes long sleeve shirt with muscle pads sewn in on arms only and tights with pads that must be inserted at back of knees. Measurements required: typical t-shirt size, waist, height
You could always come up with your own. Just get a cheap muscle shirt to wear under black cotton t-shirt (breathes well) with long sleeves. Remove muscles you don't need so you are not insulating yourself.

Leather gloves $30 
Glove size required

Helmet fans $60
The helmet traps a lot of heat so this will help cool you down. I highly recommend it if you run hot like me. I also recommend placing ice bags in the abdominal area if you will be trooping in hot weather.

Boots $75 
I can make matching boots. Otherwise, you just get the foot armor with top strap. I would just need your USA shoe size.

DC-17m Rifle available here
These include lighting but no sound. Non-functioning trigger. Anti-armor/grenade launcher and sniper attachment coming soon!

Shipping $150
Completed RC's will require two boxes to ship within the USA. International shipping will be calculated at time of shipping. We can try to estimate the cost up front.


I am going to say 6 weeks to completion because they are complicated, but it might take less time as I gain xp.

To order

I will send a PayPal invoice (paypal account not required) which can be paid at your own pace in whatever payments you like. I start the work when you have paid 25% of the total and only ship when it is paid in full. I will close commissions for completed kits if I feel like I have had too many orders to complete them in a timely manner.

You can order the DIY or seamed kit at any time if you prefer that. You can get an idea for the work involved on the instructions page here. The kit is made from ABS plastic. Helmet and some detail pieces are made of polyurethane plastic with stabilization fillers.

Measurements Needed

Height max 6’2” (74 inches) Chest Gut max 45” Belt max 45” Upper thigh max around Toe pointed max around