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Collection: Sith Stalker Inspired by TFU

Coming soon

I am planning several upgrades to this costume before re-release, which will hopefully be complete sometime in 2022. It will include everything needed but pants and footwear. I am planning a modified helmet and ribcage design for the v2.


I loved the artistic design in The Force Unleashed video game, and the Sith Stalker from the Ultimate Sith Edition was especially inspiring. I plan to rework several parts of this costume.


  • Made from impact-resistant polyurethane plastic, vacuum-formed plastic, rubber, and pleather
  • Average armor thickness: 1/8″ – 1/4″
  • Hand painted acrylic and enamel
  • Protective enamel clear coating
  • Unique fan-made original
  • High accuracy and detail

Parts Include:

  • The core helmet – has a tinted visor, slightly weathered paint, large breathing holes in front, with semi-flexible side and jaw pieces for a close fit, velcro attachment for neckseal, with faux hair piece and tubing
  • Rubber neck seal
  • Ribcage armor with straps
  • Shoulder armor which velcros to the underarmor
  • Bicep armor and forearm with straps
  • Undersuit made of pleather, foam, and rubber
  • Rubber waist straps
  • Color-printed spandex sleeves with claws and metallic painted cyborg plastic pieces
  • Lightweight hilts for belt: Galen Marek, Kota, Kazdan, Maul cut saber, Vader
  • Optional Sith Stalker clawed hilt (no electronics or lighting available)


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