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I plan to offer these at auction when I have time to make them. I am working on upgrades (hands and thighs) and plan to start the auction at around $2,700 USD. I will post on social media, both Facebook and Instagram, when available, so please follow.

This is a crowd-pleaser. We've had lines of at least 50 people form to get photos with him, and kids are fascinated and often think it is a robot. Your body is concealed in the cape. The cape length is just about the only thing that has to be made to your size for this, and most body types can wear this costume.

You wear a headband that turns his head in the direction you are looking. I have improved the leg design so that they move better and have more accuracy. I might make another version in the future with arms that are controlled from inside so that all of his limbs look more authentic and possibly even make a four-armed version with lightsabers!

It is a very light-weight and comfortable costume made mostly from vacuum formed ABS plastic with resin details. You simply put the boots on, put the harness on your shoulders, position the headband you use to turn his head, and slide into the gloves. The best part: He's easy to display when not wearing him since the arms and gloves are all attached now.

As far as I know, this has not been approved in the 501st yet, although many members are determined to get it accepted. Some of the higher-ups think it should classify as puppet and is therefore unacceptable despite popular appeal. But you can usually go to the events and steal the show, as long as they are not official LFL, or so I hear.

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