24 / Mar

Majora’s Mask

I have been obsessed with Zelda games since I was quite young and the N64 games were once the peak of the franchise for me. I played through Ocarina of Time maybe a dozen times and remember how excited I was for the release of Majora’s Mask. I first made this mask many years ago and reworked it in recent years for a successful Kickstarter project.


  • Made from strong impact resistant fibers and resin
  • Dimensions: 17″ W by 16″ H, Top to bottom inside at middle is 8.75″
  • Average thickness: 1/8″
  • Approx. total weight: Under 1 lb
  • Hand painted acrylic and enamel
  • Protective enamel coating
  • High accuracy and detail
  • I can make a finished mask or a ready-to-paint cast if you would like to paint this yourself