28 / May

Kylo Ren Costume

Outer robe
Full pleated tunic
Cotton jersey shirt with pleated sleeves


The costume is made to your measurements.

Hood/shawl and outer robe made from CosplayFabrics (=JJ= Industries) black apprentice weave fabric (best available)

Hood has padded rare earth magnets for automatic positioning on helmet and proper head turning (if you do not order my helmet you will receive extra magnets to glue into your own)

Outer robe has zipper under wearers left arm and small zipper at front of the neck opening that will be covered by the shawl

Neck seal made of faux leather with cotton interior for comfort and includes snap buttons for easy fitting, six levels, nested with telescoping movement

Spandex balaclava with open face and long neck design

Pleated tunic has full zipper in front hidden by piping

Hidden zipper on sleeves from under wrist to near armpit

Helmet (optional):
made from strong impact resistant polyurethane plastic that is approx. 1/8″ thick
hand painted with acrylic paint protective enamel coating
includes one-way black-out fabric covering eye slot and comfortable padded interior
with removable front faceplate (in case you want to mechanize)

Belt (optional): made of solid-stitched leather, includes velcro closure with resin buckle and resin faux saber clip. I can also add a functioning clip for extra (see below).

Add basic leather gloves for $25 (please google Endor Finders for more accurate gloves) and $115 to add a functioning, painted JJ Industries saber clip while supplies last. This includes the small parts that install on your hilt, which you will have to do yourself.

Other items you will need: black waxed denim pants, boots, and lightsaber

Maximum waist size: 50 inches. You can see the required measurements here.