03 / May

Garrus Vakarian Costume

I love Mass Effect, and Garrus is probably my favorite character from the series. I first sculpted the Garrus-inspired head for my friend, Guillaume, and eventually made a full costume to wear to DragonCon. It has around 75 LED’s (his lighting really attracted me to this costume in the first place) and I think I sculpted 3 different heads before I was satisfied with the look. I made two sets: one with and without battle damage both based on his appearance in ME2. I offer kits for this costume, and it would probably serve as a good starting point for an ME3 Garrus build.


  • Made from impact-resistant resin and lightweight, semi-rigid vacuum-formed plastic, and other materials
  • LED lighting powered by 9Vs and a battery pack in the chest armor
  • Etched acrylic plastic with side-lighting for visor
  • Hand painted acrylic and protective enamel coating
  • Digitigrade footwear, like a high heel without the heel


Additional Photos: