Republic Commando Newsletter

I will soon offer raw body armor kits with raw helmet for around $950 plus shipping, a ready-to-paint kit with armor seams filled and rough-sanded (price to be determined), and a fully painted kit that you can trim down and assemble (much more expensive). I plan to make some pictorial assembly instructions for suggested assembly and you will have options for black or white plastic color and special armor accessories. Rifle kits are ready (Price TBD) but I have yet to make sniper and anti-armor attachments. More info below!

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Raw Kit $950 plus shipping. Includes:
Helmet and 8 other detail pieces cast in polyurethane resin with stabilizing fillers, rough trimmed (includes shoulder details, bracer details, backpack handles)
36 armor pieces formed in HIPS plastic rough trimmed:
Chest armor in 1/8″ or 0.125 inch thickness and the following in 0.080 inch thickness:
upper back
2- backpack front and back
2- shoulders L and R with underside plates
4- bicep pieces
2- elbows
4- bracers
2- hands
abdomen armor
lower back armor
butt plate
2- side waist plates
2- left thigh front and back
2- right thigh F and R
2- knees
4- greaves (calves) L and R with F and R
2- foot armor pieces

ABS: plastic neckseal collar, waist to cod belt plastic, reinforcing plastic
extra 080 plastic for top of belt and backpack attachment area and 060 for gluing seams
You can make the raw kit fit larger sizes with extra work. Armor around the belly can reach 48″ without extension flaps, but the thighs will likely need extensions for larger body sizes. I do plan to make slightly larger thigh pieces in the future and possibly a wider butt plate.
No one is likely to fill the armor properly so a muscle shirt is required along with padding at the back of the knee. I will have some photo tutorials for filling out the armor and doing assembly in the near future.

Seamed Kit (Price TBD) I will have to make another set to determine time involved
Includes same pieces as raw kit but with halves glued together and resulting seams filled and sanded, and the spaulders and waist armor is assembled
8 armor pieces formed in HIPS, rough trimmed: Chest, back, abs, codpiece, knees, feet
9 seamed pieces (halves glued together and seams filled and rough sanded) Parts: backpack, biceps, bracers, thighs, and greaves. May require glazing/spot putty to smooth to your liking. Ends will be rough trimmed and you will need to trim them down to fit you. You could use a dremel for this. I use a belt sander, especially its rounded edge, and then hand sand the edge to finish.
Shoulder armor (spaulders) will be assembled with plastic paneling underneath for bulk.
Butt plate will be assembled with side panels and attached to lower backplate made to your waist measurement. I found this to be the most challenging part of the costume since it is the most customized for body size.
Seamed kit has thigh and waist measurement restrictions. Measurement around your thigh nearest to groin must not exceed 26 inches. Measurement around belly should not exceed 42 inches. Foot with toe pointed should measure 13″ around the heel.
No one is likely to fill the armor properly so a muscle shirt is required along with padding at the back of the knee. I will have some tutorials for filling out the armor in the future.

Painted Kit (Price TBD): I will have to make one of each to determine time involved
Includes everything in the seamed kit but painted in the style of your choosing. Each paint job will have a separate price. In ascending order, they will be: Matte Black, Omega (black with some gray areas and weathering), White (with grime in recessed areas), Boss, SEV

Extra Armor Accessories (Prices TBD)
Boss: shoulder/spaulder (Probably $30)
SEV: shoulder and greaves box
Fixer: shoulder and backpack components
Scorch: backpack components and pvc parts

Visors (Price TBD)
Dark or light tinted (light tint is recommended if you plan to make a glow come through the visor)
Full glowing visor kit (probably $60)

Electronic Components (Price TBD)
Aqua colored LED pairs
Light diffusing material
Battery holders
Pushbutton switches

Assembly accessories (Price TBD)
webbing and clips
Interfacing material sewn to straps and velcro so you only have to sand plastic a little and CA glue together

DC-17m kit (Price TBD)
hollow cast main body and magazine
solid cast grip, sight, slider, interchangeable rifle attachment piece, barrel/tip
I plan to offer the sniper and anti-armor attachments too

Not sure on shipping prices yet. It will probably require multiple boxes especially when shipping to countries outside the USA. Each country has different maximum size allowances so it will likely vary quite a bit. I will not be able to estimate shipping prices until I have actually shipped a few. In USA, I will use either FedEx Ground or USPS (post office) only, and for international shipments, I will use USPS (post office) only.

Other info
I will likely make a mold for slightly bigger thigh armor in the future, and I might switch over to using ABS plastic for all armor pieces in the future. HIPS works well, but I think I like the properties of ABS better. I might even be able to form thinner ABS for the same parts making the whole kit lighter, not that the HIPS is very heavy.