03 / May

General Grievous

I made a Grievous costume for my first DragonCon in 2006 and planned to enter the SW costume contest, but when I got to DragonCon, the line wrapped around the building. It took over an hour to get inside, and I had to run to the hall with my costume. The guy in charge said I was too late to enter, but I was determined. I saw a George Lucas look-alike who was working the event and asked if he could help. He said he’d handle it and took my paperwork up to the sound booth. In line for the stage, someone told me that Matt Wood, the voice of Grievous, was one of the judges, and the guy who first rejected me was also the announcer and seemed a bit surprised to see me walk on stage. The audience roared, and Matt Wood quickly grabbed up a mic and started doing Grievous’s voice. I won my category, and Matt slipped the medal over Grievous’s head at the ceremony.

This costume is surprising simple, slimming, and lightweight and always gathers a huge crowd. It costs much less to commission one than you might think, and you will hear lots of kids (and a couple adults) saying, “Whoa, it’s a real robot!”