18 / Oct

Death Trooper Helmet

I love this helmet design inspired by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It has a nod to the original Stormtroopers with some nice angular features, great details with the heat sinks, and accent lights… and it’s shiny black! I had no choice but to make it and plan to make the body armor in a couple different sizes. I made it from scratch with many weeks of work involved. I will offer finished helmets and complete DIY kits on occasion so feel free to ask if interested.

Additional Photos


  • Made from impact-resistant polyurethane with stabilization fillers
  • Polished scratch-resistant semi-gloss coating
  • Adult-sized, Opening approximately: 7.75 inches wide x 8.5 inches depth
  • Green LED lighting powered by one 9V battery with a push-button switch
  • Basic gray foam padding
  • One-way green tinted visor
  • Magnet attached rangefinder with green LED powered by button cell