19 / Aug

Darth Revan Costume

Inspired by Revan as seen in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic first released in 2003. KOTOR contains one of my favorite stories that fits so perfectly with its role-playing game environment, and I am proud to have met the lead author of the story, Drew Karpyshyn. This costume was one of the first I ever made, and I feel like I have perfected it over the years.


  • Armor made from impact-resistant polyurethane plastic, vacuum-formed plastic
  • Armor includes: mask, flexible plastic form-fitting torso armor (front and back) with metal rings and flexible joint between upper and lower sections, bracers and hand armor, and large ring with pleather straps, double rings, and detailed greeblies
  • Fabric includes: hood with shoulder wrap and pinned folds, cape with full pleats, hakama (skirt-like piece) with box pleats at top, black sash, ribbed red sash
  • Hand painted acrylic with protective enamel coating
  • Unique fan-made original