These are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions I have received over the years. If you don’t see your question here, please feel free to send me a message.

Can I buy this stuff?

You can commission me to make most of the items on this site or at least something similar, and most of the costumes are made to your measurements for a perfect fit. Feel free to send me a message.

I have an idea for a costume. Can you make it?

In some cases, if it is something I am already considering (or it’s just too cool not to make) and commissions are slow, I might consider it. Feel free to send me a message.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, if you prefer not to pay in full up front, I can send a PayPal
invoice that you can pay off over time in any amounts you like, and you
can give me an estimate of when you think you’ll pay it off, so I can
try to have your order ready around the same time.

How long will it take for you to make something for me?

I can usually ship masks, helmets, and props within a week or two.
Costumes, since they are made to your measurements, usually take 2-4 weeks
depending on my workload. If it is an all new design, that can take
considerably longer.

Where do you ship, and what carrier do you use?

I ship worldwide. Within the USA, I ship with USPS (post office) or FedEx,
and internationally, I ship with USPS only.

Do you make tutorials?

I have some “Making Of” videos on YouTube that share a little of my
process, but I do not have time to make in-depth tutorials.
(Replica Prop Forum) has some of the best tutorials and is my favorite
place to find answers to maker questions.

My current skills are the result of many years of failure and frustration,
and if I did not have a passion for it, I would have given up. If I ever
get weary of doing this stuff, I might write a book to pass things I have
learned on to new generations.

Can you do custom paint jobs on your armor or use different colored fabrics?

Yes, and it might not cost extra depending on the complexity of the paint
job or cost of the fabric. Feel free to send me a message to inquire about this.

Do you upgrade or make changes to costumes you have made previously?

Yes. Always. No two are ever quite the same. If you are concerned about these changes you are welcome to ask, but I usually think the changes are improvements. That’s why I make them. You can also request certain changes specifically like color changes.

Can I use your images on my website or on a forum?

Yes, so long as you give me credit with the images and place it with a link to my website.

Are you a 501st member?

Yes! As Darth Revan, SL-7338, and I’d like to enter a few of my other costumes whenever I get that kind of free time. Not familiar with the 501st costuming organization? Read here.

Are vacuum formed plastics strong?

Yes. High-Impact Polystyrene is very strong at 1/16 inch or greater thickness and ABS is very strong at even lesser thicknesses. I paint them with UV protection to reduce degradation caused by UV radiation. I prefer vacuum formed plastic when the part does not require sharp corners/edges and needs to be flexible and/or lightweight.

How tough are your resin parts?

Very. I use polyurethane, which is a very tough plastic resin, and fiber reinforced plastics, like polyester fiberglass. You can usually throw/dash a part on the floor without any damage. It will take minor blows. Stepping or sitting on some parts will break them depending on the part shape and thickness.

Can I get just part of a costume?

Yes, but please be aware that some parts are not “standalone”, that is they are designed to attach to other pieces and might require alteration to make it a part of the whole.

Do you mass-produce your costumes?

I do not have the capability to mass-produce costumes. I have a small art studio in my backyard, not a factory. I can only do very limited runs of these items before the molds degrade. I would get very bored making more than that.

Can you make me standard Stormtrooper armor or a Darth Vader costume?

No. I do not make costumes that have been made so prolifically. These costumes already exist in the world, and there are very fine and detailed versions of these costumes already available. For these reasons, I do not feel the need. For me, this includes costumes like Boba, Jango, Biker Scouts, Royal Guards, Snow Troopers, or Master Chief. I plan to stay away from designs similar to those offered by licensed companies.

Does this armor work for paintball or airsoft?

My armor is not designed for safety. It is designed to look good. You could modify most costume pieces for paintball or airsoft, but I take no responsibility for injuries given or received while wearing my costume pieces.

Can is use this helmet as a safety helmet? Is it safe to use on a motorcycle?

No. Unless you are looking to win a Darwin award, do not use my armor for safety purposes of any kind. These are pieces of art you can wear, not safety equipment.

How long have you been making costumes?

My mom made my Halloween costumes right in front of me when I was young and entered me in costume contests, which I occasionally won. That got me interested in costuming very early. I made my first costume, 1989 Batman, on my own around age 14, and sculpted most of my life. I think I completed my first commissioned costume piece in 2004, Revan’s mask.