Hi, I’m

Robert Rodgers

Creator of Wicked Armor

Thank you for visiting Wicked Armor and taking an interest in my work. I have been creating high quality props and costumes for the past 15 years, meticulously perfecting my techniques and craftsmanship over the years, and I am grateful to everyone who has ever helped or supported me on my journey. Thank you!


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About Me

My creative interests are wide and varied, but costuming and replicas are a primary passion. I can rarely watch a film or play a videogame without finding new inspirations, and I want to make them exist in the real world. I have an absolute passion for solving technical, artistic problems, and there are always new technical challenges in sculpture and costuming.

I started making costumes as a teenager with help from mom and began selling my work frequently around 2004 from my college apartment. I turned my hobby into full-time work around 2006 and expanded to a home-based studio in 2008. I built a studio and shops in my backyard where I work today.

In school, I majored in Fine Art and then Physics, and I have a family with Melanie, Liam, and Ella (our Pomeranian)… and Koopa (our giant tortoise), and lots of koi fish and other animals.
Hobbies: anything creative, exploring nature, canoeing, creative writing, physics, programming, drawing, piano, home improvement projects, videogames, reading.

I am grateful to everyone who has supported my work and passion over the years. Thank you

The Workshop

Sculpture work and mold-making require a lot of space. I used to monopolize my college apartment living rooms, but I bought a house in 2008 with a horse barn that I could use for messy work and have expanded and improved my workspace a lot since then.

Shortly before my son was born, I built a new work area with AC and moved my work out of my house. I have always been interested in movie set and theme park design, so I took the opportunity to experiment with stucco and water feature construction in the backyard. Once I felt comfortable with the materials, I stuccoed my entire house to look like a refurbished Mediterranean ruin.

The more parts and molds I make, the more space it consumes, so building and construction is part of the job. Fortunately, now I have separate areas for creation, hand paint, assembly, spray paint, tool work, storage, and a shipping office. It is nice to spread out and organize things.



Jay Laga’aia

I met him at his honorary 501st member induction party (BEFORE THIS: I barely made it to the SW costume contest on time as Grievous and met Matt Wood)

Melanie’s First Costume

Melanie was interested in dressing for DragonCon and chose Cassandra from Soulcalibur IV. It took longer to make than I thought it would, but she looked great and had a blast.

Brian Muir

Sculptor of the original Vader helmet based on one small sketch by John Mollo and the Vader body armor based on McQuarrie’s concepts.

My son’s first Star Wars Celebration

He walked right up and hugged R2D2 and then followed him around.

Drew Karpyshyn

Drew introduced himself when while I was taking a break in costume. He wrote most of Knights of the Old Republic video game story and dialogue, and also wrote for the Mass Effect video game series and several other novels.

Sam Witwer

Star of the Star Wars video game series The Force Unleashed and the popular television show Being Human, among other roles.


You can see the full body of my works and creations on the Portfolio page. I do offer some pieces for commission so please contact me for details.



You can find the latest news and progress updates on my current projects using the link below.